Data & Security

We strive to provide an online and mobile service as
secure, transparent and professional as possible.

Here at SeriousMD, we strive to provide an online and mobile service as secure, transparent and professional as possible.

We operate with the highest regard for privacy and user security. The confidentiality of data is the bedrock that sets the foundation for how the company as a whole manages its users’ information. We have also gone to great lengths to comply with international and local relevant privacy laws (see Terms of Use) as well as the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA.

The company maintains a strict Data Policy intended to safeguard information as securely as possible. This policy includes the following components:


SeriousMD acknowledges the sensitivity of the data it holds in its database. As such, all its activities in relation to that data reflect said knowledge.

SSL AES 256-bit

Top-level encryption is employed in order to secure the transmission and exchange of data between users and the company's servers.

Role-designated Access
and Usage

Differing stages of access and authority are in place for various users of the SeriousMD service.

Physical and
Electronic Data

Both the servers and the company's data center are equipped with barricades against unauthorized third parties seeking to access your information. Firewalls, data handling procedures, and other security measures are employed to that effect. Data ownership is an integral part of the company's Data Policy, which means that you and only you own your data and have the right to share and save it as set down in the company's Privacy Policy.

Secure Login

Users' accounts may only be accessed with user-defined unique login IDs and passwords. To maximize security, account passwords are stored using one-way hash keys and verified using the same protocol, preventing unnecessary transparency of user login data to company staff.

Automatic Session

Users sometimes forget to log out of sessions securely on devices, and if others have access to those devices, data leakage may occur. In order to minimize this risk, SeriousMD automatically logs out users following a period of inactivity.


Firewalling contributes to the stability and integrity of our data center against outside threats. This acts in tandem with the physical security measures we take to safeguard our servers from unauthorized third parties.

Secure Server

Digital certificates provide added assurance as to the authenticity of SeriousMD's digital and information services. SeriousMD uses certification from Comodo RSA for this purpose.


SeriousMD uses an array of tools and regulations to keep data accessible to users as smoothly as possible.


Two-factor authentication heightens security by increasing the number of access components required to log into an account. This effectively increases the “hurdles” third-parties will have to overcome if they attempt to access your data.

Professional Handling
and Storage of Data

All effort is made to store user data in keeping with a professional and respectful practice. To learn more about the company's policies here, get in touch with our support personnel.

PIN Requests

PIN requests within the app add yet another layer of security by preventing those not privy to your pin from changing or using your account.

Respectful Treatment of the Owners Data

SeriousMD gives users various powers as well as assurances to recognize their rights as the owners of their information:

  • They can back up all of their data at any time with a dedicated utility provided by the company.
  • They are at liberty to maintain their own copies of their files.
  • They are assured that the company shall not do the following: copy their data, access their data sans their permission or alter their data.
  • They are assured that only those few members of the company whose duties require access to the database can access said database, in which case they would still be restricted by the assurances set down in item (c) of this list.

Assistance for Users

SeriousMD encourages users to be part of the security measures taken to keep their data confidential. In line with this, the company advises users to do the following:

  • Keep login information private.
  • Log out promptly after using SeriousMD.
  • Keep the app updated on all your devices to ensure that all security patches and fixes on it are current.
  • Use complex passwords composed of numbers (in both upper and lower case) as well as numeric digits.
  • Keep your devices safe both physically and electronically by keeping track of who can access them and using antivirus services.